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February 24, 2010

Hot runner system in plastic injection process

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A hot runner system is one of ideal injection molding equipments that can create injection molded products of a uniform density, free from all mold runners, flash, and gate stubs. The plastic material in the hot runner mold keeping molten status when not for injection production. The hot runner system is making especially for injection molded plastic products with great complexity, like plastic closure of PP or PE cap and lid, PET plastic parts, ABS components and so on. 32 Cavities hot runner cap mould.24 Cavities connector mould

Connector mold system is a sophisticated mould system which applied in plastic injection molding industry for a long time. By using its male and female contractors mounted in a movable mold thus create plastic products for people’s daily life and industries, from a small plastic screw to medium size bucket and auto body as a large.

Major cap product of our company comprises: Buittress cap, Child resistant closure, Dispensing cap, Dome cap/jar seal, Flip-top jar cover, Phenolic polyseal cone liner, Poly/pulp and foil liner, PP Teflon liner cap, Sprayer cap, Spice cap, Spout cap and Tamper event caps and more.

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